Will Supply Chain Issues Ruin Christmas?

Nov 30, 2021 | News & Events

Supply chain issues will continue to interfere with shopping this Christmas.


Supply chain issues have affected all of us this year. You’ve probably encountered low stock or empty shelves altogether if you’ve tried to buy bottled water, appliances, exercise equipment, or even a new car.

I had a friend who needed a car repair and spent 3 months waiting for new parts. Another waited 2 months for a new refrigerator. Christmas decorations went up before the end of October, and Black Friday sales have started on November 1st.  Companies are sending the message that we better shop early while supplies last.

The global supply chain- the manufacturing, transportation, and logistics pathway we use to get products from producer to consumer- is in shambles. We’ve all heard the stories. Ships are getting stuck at ports for days or even trapped in the Suez Canal!

Made in America never sounded so good! And while we can’t help you secure a new PlayStation for Johnny; we have you covered when it comes to buying jewelry this holiday season.

Jewelry Made in America

At Les Olson Jewelers, we make all of our jewelry right here in Palm Harbor, FL! When you visit us you’ll see rings, pendants, and earrings being crafted in our in-studio workshop right before your eyes. You never have to worry about walking into Les Olson and seeing empty showcases because we only rely on ourselves to keep them full!

So, instead of buying your spouse a Peloton (which, let’s face it, might send the wrong message anyway) come to Les Olson and buy a stunning piece of handcrafted jewelry. Your partner will feel loved and appreciated, and you won’t raise your blood pressure by checking your email every hour for the latest shipping update.

Don’t let supply chains steal your holiday spirit! Support a business that has made a commitment to the community by ensuring that all products sold are of the finest quality and delivered to you on time every time- made right here in the good ole US of A!

Happy Holidays from Les Olson Jewelers! We hope to see you soon!

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