Why You Should Consider Custom Jewelry for Birthdays

Dec 27, 2018 | News & Events

Every year, millions of people venture out of their homes or fire up the internet to buy the perfect gift for a special birthday. Whether it’s a spouse, family member, close friend, or even a dear co-worker, the question that is often on their minds is one that most people can identify with – what the heck do I get them? There are a lot of choices out there and picking up a gift card or yet another of their favorite movies sounds a bit impersonal – because it is.

Custom Jewelry for Birthdays = The Perfect Gift

Giving custom jewelry for birthdays has certainly been picking up steam in recent years. The world has become so impersonal at times given our tendency to always be looking at the screens in front of us (among other reasons) that purchasing a piece of jewelry for someone in our lives has taken on a whole new life.

To put a finer point on it, we’ll explore some of the reasons buying jewelry for birthdays this year is a great idea.

Something That Comes from the Heart

The first thing you should understand about giving custom jewelry for birthday gifts is that it’s something that truly comes from the heart. While there’s no shame in giving any type of present, whether it’s a favorite book, an electronic device, or even a gift card, customized jewelry is an easy way to stand out and show someone that you truly care.

Allows Your Loved One’s Personality to Come Out

Who doesn’t love to express themselves and show their true personality through what they wear, especially when it comes to attractive accessories? Jewelry for birthdays that have been specifically customized for an individual will become an extension of your loved one’s personality every time they wear it. Just imagine how much they’ll love showing it off, too!

Create Your Very Own Family Heirloom

Many people might be surprised to learn that family heirlooms are still a big thing for millions of people. If someone you care about doesn’t already have an heirloom in their family, or even if they do, why not start a new tradition with the loving gift of jewelry? Make the right choice and it could be passed down for multiple generations.

Keeps You in Their Heart and Vice Versa

Customized jewelry represents a lot of things, but the most basic of these may be that it keeps you close to the person’s heart every time they adorn your gift. And, of course, each time you see them wearing it, you’ll be reminded of the love and caring that you feel toward that person, not just because that’s how you feel but also because it will remind you of the emotions behind the purchase itself.

Customization Equals Timeless Keepsake

When you customize a piece of jewelry for birthdays, you’re putting your personal stamp on it while simultaneously creating a timeless keepsake. No matter how many years pass, both you and your loved one will remember the thought and caring that went into not only selecting that specific piece of jewelry but also designing it.

Personalization Means So Much

The customization of jewelry typically goes one step further by allowing personalization of the item. Whether your looking at pendants and necklacesearringsbracelets, or another precious piece of jewelry, you can put your personal stamp on it such as the person’s name, your favorite quote, or something a bit more endearing that’s personal between the two of you.

The Person’s Age Won’t Matter

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that age doesn’t matter when it comes to giving jewelry for birthday presents. Everyone from your niece or nephew who’s just entering college or your grandfather or grandmother who love receiving items to cherish will love a piece of customized jewelry.

Provides Them with a Great Conversation Starter

Have you ever seen someone with an awesome piece of jewelry and you just can’t resist asking him or her exactly where they got it and who gave it to them? That is exactly the kind of response that your loved one can expect when they receive a customized piece of jewelry that’s been made to both your expectations and theirs.

Compliments Their Attire on Special Occasions

Customized jewelry isn’t just fantastic for birthday parties. This is jewelry that is meant to complement your friend or family member no matter what type of special occasion it is, or even if they decide to wear it on a daily basis. Pick just the right type of jewelry and they may never want to leave home without it.

Are you interested in finding the perfect piece of custom jewelry for birthdays and need more ideas? Reach out to the jewelry experts at Les Olson Jewelers. Our staff will help you choose just the right type of jewelry for that special someone in your life.


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