Why the Laser Welder is a Jewelers Best Friend

Oct 26, 2019 | Jewelry Repair, News & Events

Why Should Jewelers Invest In A Laser Welder?

The laser welder has only been on the map for Jewelers for a couple decades but has already created a lot of innovation for the jewelry industry, especially here at Les Olson Jewelers. The laser welder turns repairs that were once upon a time daunting, tedious, or even impossible, into a quick and seamless repair. A laser welder is fairly small and mobile, which are just a couple of the reasons why so many jewelers love the laser welder.

The laser welder is an alternate method to the commonly used open flame solder method. The laser welder creates a tiny beam of light that allows our jewelers at Les Olson Jewelers to weld with pinpoint accuracy. The laser welder can be used to weld virtually anything, from a small filigree wire to assembling full castings. The laser welder can also be used to resize rings, repair stone settings, weld posts onto earrings and can even be used to polish gold jewelry.

Why Is The Laser Welder Safer For Jewelery Repairs?

The laser welder has the potential to eliminate a lot of steps in jewelry repairs. Perhaps one of the most enticing features of the laser welder is its ability to do jewelry repairs without removing the gemstones. Often, gemstones are removed and set again for something as simple as a single prong repair. Having a laser welder gives jewelers the ability to weld tiny areas without removing the gemstone and poses little to no risk of harming the gemstones.

Because laser welders are much cleaner and less invasive, it also eliminates the steps of fire scaling and pickling when doing jewelry repairs. Fire scaling is what happens when metal is heated and causes copper oxides to rise and mix with the air. This creates a purple, grey or blueish color on the surface of the jewelry. Fire scaling is removed with a warm pickling solution. These extra steps and excess chemicals are eliminated when your jewelry repair is done with a laser welder. Solder material and flux (the material used to clean the area about to be soldered) is also eliminated when your jewelry repair is done with a laser welder. Another reason the laser welder is much cleaner than the solder method is because it welds without added alloys.

Les Olson Jewelers Laser Welder Repair Work

Our master craftsmen at Les Olson Jewelers have owned and used our laser welder for over a decade. When looking for a trusted jeweler in the Palm Harbor area, you can bring your repairs to Les Olson Jewelers and rest assured that our jewelers take the proper steps and use the highest quality equipment when working on jewelry. Stop in or call us at 727-785-9624 for a free jewelry repair quote today.

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