Why is Ring Resizing a Great Option for Your Rings?

Aug 16, 2019 | Jewelry Repair, News & Events

Resize your rings for a better experience.

The lights dim…the music swells…and on bended knee, he offers her a small box. He snaps the lid open and she gasps. “Yes, I will marry you!” she says, through happy tears. Rising, he slides the ring from the box and onto her finger… And the ring sticks at her knuckle. The ring is way too small for her. Does this ruin a special moment? It doesn’t have to…

Ring Resizing Can Be Avoided

Savvy couples know engagement and wedding rings symbolize their lifelong commitment to each other, and commitments take work. When you create or choose rings that fit, they are stronger, longer than resized rings. Engaged couples often choose their rings together because they are entering a partnership based on mutual respect. Not only are the rings sized perfectly, everything – from the precious metal to gemstones – symbolizes the beauty and value of their love.

Use Your Trusted, Local Jeweler for Ring Resizing

As you make your way along life’s pathways, situations will change. Children join your family. Loved ones pass on. Your jewelry can reflect those changes. Your grandfather’s tie clasp is redesigned to create a beautiful bracelet. Mom’s ring is resized to fit your daughter’s smaller hand. Your fine jewelry is almost as important an investment as your marriage. When you need to, take advantage of ring resizing. Only work your local family jeweler if they are IJO (Independent Jewelers Organization) certified and more importantly, should be a member of your community. Here’s what you need to know about ring resizing:

Ring Resizing and Weak Points

To resize rings, your jeweler makes a cut and eliminates some of the metal to make it smaller or adds-to, making it bigger. The pieces are soldered together to complete the ring resizing. The cut and rejoin is done at a ring’s bottom, which is also the site of most of the stress on the ring. An experienced, knowledgeable jeweler knows how to minimize risk at a ring’s pressure point. If you see a line at the point where your ring was soldered or if one part of the band is thinner, ask your jeweler to strengthen the joint. If the ring’s metal is platinum, there’s a possibility that you will see a line anyway, but your jeweler should inform you of this before the resizing work.

If Your Ring Can’t Be Resized

A reputable jeweler will tell you if your ring isn’t a good candidate for resizing. If the ring needs to be made too many sizes smaller or larger, it might do more damage than good to resize it. Plus, some metals are harder to work with than others. Titanium metals can’t be cut and rejoined as easily as silver or gold. When needed, other metals can be introduced or methods like carving/stretching are possibilities. If your ring has gemstones, they must be removed before ring resizing. If there are gemstones set in the band, it may not be possible to remove and replace them.

Creativity and an Excitement About Your Jewelry

Fine jewelry is called “wearable art” because each piece is beautiful and is made to be worn! Ring resizing in Palm Harbor is available at your local jewelry store. Les Olson Jewelers has a team of experienced artists that can give you creative suggestions for your jewelry. We can also provide aid with jewelry repair. We’re excited about your jewelry pieces, and we want to explore possibilities to make it exactly what you want: A part of your life now; a legacy for future generations. Call 727.785.9624 or visit our jewelry store in Palm Harbor. Our family wants to be part of your family’s life changes. We look forward to working for and with you for ring resizing and designing other quality jewelry, including custom engagement rings!

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