Why Custom Wedding Bands Are Becoming So Popular

Mar 22, 2019 | News & Events

Learn why custom wedding bands are a great choice for your special someone.

Your engagement and wedding jewelry is the crowning touch to your special day. While many people stick to the traditional choices of engagement rings and wedding bands, others choose custom jewelry they have either designed themselves or had a jeweler design for them. The choice is ultimately up to you, so research your options before making your final decision.

Why Choose Customize Wedding Bands

Your wedding day is truly just for you and your spouse. Traditional wedding jewelry is still a popular choice, but not everyone wants to take the standard route. Choose custom engagement rings and custom wedding bands so that they are one of a kind and will always be a reminder of the day that changed your lives forever.

Uniquely Designed Custom Wedding Bands

Choose a unique design or work with a jeweler to create a design that truly symbolizes your love for one another. If you want to go the extra mile, choose custom pendants and pair them with a custom wedding band and bridal jewelry to have a complete ensemble. You can keep it simple or make it as ornate as you like.

Diamonds Aren’t Your Only Option for Custom Wedding Bands

Diamonds may have been a girl’s best friend in the past, but now women are starting to explore other options. There isn’t a rule or guideline which states your custom wedding band must include a diamond. Why not choose a ruby, emerald, or sapphire? Create a delicate balance and use two or three different stones to create a one of a kind setting. Choose your favorites or let the jewelry create something for your custom wedding band.

Engagement Rings for the Bride and Groom

Engagement rings are no longer just for women. One of the latest trends is for men to wear an engagement ring, as well. Whether they match or are individual and unique, both of you can wear a sign of your devotion before and after your wedding. Matching engagement rings and custom wedding bands are popular, but having your sets custom-made will keep them unique and one of a kind.

Contact Les Olson Jewelers for More Information About Custom Wedding Bands

If you are planning your wedding, go ahead and visit Les Olson Jewelers in Palm Harbor, FL. You can choose from more traditional styles or let our team of talented artists create a unique design just for you. Call 727-785-9624 and talk to our friendly staff today.

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