Stackable rings are a unique way to show your creativity.

Unlike clothing, jewelry fashion styles aren’t based on seasons. Today’s hottest jewelry trends transfer easily from 16-year-old girls to Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex (Meghan Markle). Both young ladies love stackable rings. “The stacking ring trend is still a hit with both editors and stylists,” says Couture magazine. “We’re seeing a lot of pulls for both midis- and full-sized rings to stack on top of each other.” Mixing metals – silvers, golds, and rose gold – on the same hand is still the look many stackable ring wearers want to create.

Stackable Rings – Leave Them On for Every Occasion

Sometimes you take your rings on and off many times a day, it’s just easier to not wear them at all. This might be why stackable rings are so popular. When you wear them, you look fashionable. You can wear them at work, and then as you’re dressed to the nines for cocktails and dinner. Stackable rings are a suitable, fashionable accessory for any time and any place.

We Love Versatility and Individuality

You can mix-and-match jackets and shoes; you can dress up or dress down to suit your situation, and now your accessories can do the same. The number of stackable rings you choose to wear is whatever you’re feeling at the time. The stackable ring configurations can be as minimalist – a small, gold ring with a single, simple diamond – to four-fingered columns of designer rings and gems. Chainrings with colorful jewels are arguably the most popular, and pair well with a 2- or 3-ring stackable configuration on your middle finger. The fact is, every look you create with your stackable rings are your signature look.

Keeping Your Options ‘Open

If you’ve ever worn toe or ear cuffs, you know how the open design concept in jewelry works. Instead of a closed-loop ring, you have a gap of skin in-between ends. For stackable rings, it makes it even easier to mix and match ring fingers. Your jeweler can design several adjustable styles in advance; just a tiny squeeze and the ring can fit pinkies to index fingers. Open rings are also a better fit when you’re stacking them next to a ring with a larger stone; The opening almost “nests” into the other ring, framing its inset as if they were made for each other!

Les Olson Jewelers, Palm Harbor Custom Stackable Rings

Palm Harbor communities have a stackable ring professional jeweler in the neighborhood! Our stackable ring collection is fun and priced to fit every budget! Visit our jewelry store in Palm Harbor at 35130 US Highway 19N. Let’s look at the designs and options available to you! If you don’t see what works for you, our jewelry design team is eager to create a unique wearable art piece that can be a focal point or the foundation of your 2019 jewelry collection. Call 727-785-9624 or contact us for more information and to learn more about our jewelry repair services.

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