September’s Birthstone: Five Sapphire Fun Facts

Aug 31, 2020 | Birthstones, News & Events

A predominant beauty, the sapphire is not to be outdone by other birthstones. If you celebrate a birthday in September, consider yourself lucky! The September gemstone may be striking, but these sapphire fun facts make it even more exquisite.

Discover five sapphire facts that will make you love the stunning September birthstone even more:

Sapphire Fact: There’s More Than Just Blue Sapphires

The first color that most people think of when they hear sapphire is probably blue. But the typical rich blue sapphire isn’t the only color that you can find September’s birthstone. The sapphire gemstone comes in almost every color under the rainbow. The only color it doesn’t come in is red!

Here’s a small breakdown of what elements help create each popular color sapphire:

  • BLUE: Iron and Titanium
  • PADPARADSCHA (PINK/ORANGE): Chromium and Iron
  • WHITE: No Trace Elements
  • Purple: Vanadium

Sapphire Fact: Ruby and Sapphire Gemstone are Corundum

You probably have heard of sapphires and rubies, but did you know they are both corundum? The trace elements in the corundum mineral is what determines the color of the gemstones. So, when a corundum is red, it’s considered a ruby instead of a sapphire.

Sapphire Fact: Name Influenced by Greek and Latin Language

Since sapphire is often associated with the color blue, it’s no surprise that’s how it gets its name. The September birthstone is derived from the Greek word sappheiros and the Latin word saphirus – both meaning blue.

Sapphire Fact: The Sapphire is Associated with Royalty, Heaven and Romance

Just like many popular precious stones, there is plenty of folklore and myths surrounding the sapphire gemstone. In ancient Greece and Rome, it was thought to protect the wearers from envy and harm (which seems silly because who wouldn’t be envious of such a beautiful jewel!).

Sapphire Fact: Famous Sapphire Jewelry

With all the beauty of a sapphire, it’s bound to be prevalent in pop culture and historical jewelry pieces. Here’s a look into a few of our favorite famous sapphires:

  • KATE MIDDLETON’S ENGAGEMENT RING: The stunning oval sapphire engagement ring is iconic. As most know, before the Duchess of Cambridge donned the ring it was worn by Princess Diana. At the time of her untimely death, Prince Harry selected to keep his mother’s engagement ring, while Prince William chose her Cartier watch. Eventually they exchanged their mementos so William could give the sapphire ring to Kate.
  • EMPRESS JOSEPHINE’S ENGAGEMENT RING: Considering this sapphire is only about a carat size, it has quite the price tag. In 2013, the toi and moi (“you and me”) setting was auctioned for almost $1 million. Napoleon Bonaparte gave the ring to Josephine in 1795. The pear-shaped sapphire sits adjacent to an opposingly set pear-shaped diamond. Kind of makes us wish two-stone engagement rings came back in popularity!
  • STAR OF INDIA: Weighing in at a whopping 563.35 is the Star of India. It is one of the largest sapphires in the world. The grey-blue sapphire was actually discovered in Sri Lanka some 300 years ago. The sapphire gemstone currently resides at the American Museum of Natural History – although, it was stolen and recovered two days later in 1964.
  • THE STUART SAPPHIRE: It’s no surprise that another impressive sapphire would be owned by the British Royal Family. This 104-carat blue sapphire is one of the oldest known sapphires dating back to 1214. For a time, the Stuart Sapphire was place in the front of the crown, only to be replaced by the Cullinan II and then set on the backside of the crown.


The history and facts of the sapphire are truly as vibrant as the gemstone itself. It’s no wonder that this precious stone is beloved by so many. If you want even more fascinating details, read more about the versatile and well-loved September birthstone in our blog. For help on caring for your sapphire jewelry, checkout our gemstone guide.

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