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We offer an extensive selection of Lab Grown diamonds here at les Olson Jewelers. Our friends at the Gemological Institute of America say: “Laboratory-grown diamonds have essentially the same chemical, optical, and physical properties, and crystal structure as natural diamonds. Like natural diamonds, they are made of tightly-bonded carbon atoms. They respond to light the same way and are just as hard as natural diamonds. The main differences between laboratory-grown diamonds and natural diamonds lie in their origin. Think of it this way: laboratory-grown diamonds are like ice from your refrigerator, while natural diamonds are like ice from a glacier. They are both ice, although their formation stories and the age of each are very different.”

We couldn’t agree more – and they’re absolutely every bit as beautiful as a natural diamond.

“A diamond is a diamond, whether it’s grown in a laboratory or in the earth.”

~ Mike Breeding, PhD, G.G., Senior Research Scientist and Senior Manager of Analytics – GIA. 

A great source about lab diamonds straight from GIA.

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