July Birthstone

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Rich with deep red hues, the Ruby is a hot gemstone, making it the perfect birthstone for the month of July. Rubies can be one of the rarest and most valuable gemstones on the market, but thanks to technological advancements and worldwide production, Rubies are much more accessible to the average customer than they once were.


One of the world’s most prized gemstone, the Ruby has been around for a long time. People in India believe that Rubies enable their owners to live in peace with their enemies. Medieval Europeans wore Ruby gemstones to guarantee health, wealth, wisdom and success. Rubies come from many different countries around the world like Tanzania, Thailand, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam and a few more. Myanmar (Burma) is known to produce the finest quality of Ruby Gemstones.

Corundum Family

Rubies and Sapphires are both made up of the same mineral composition called corundum. Sapphires come in every color of the rainbow except red, because a red corundum gemstone is classified as a Ruby. Different cultures have different classifying practices for gemstones. In America, jewelers make a clear distinction between pink, purple and orangy Sapphires and Rubies, where Asian countries would often classify and sell pink and purple-ish gemstones as Rubies that would be considered pink and purple Sapphires in America.

Quality and Treatments

Rubies are a 9 on the mohs scale of hardness, falling right behind a diamond which is 10. This means that Rubies are good for strong, durable jewelry that can be worn every day. It is important to note that Rubies that have had extensive treatments or with large fractures and inclusions can be less durable. Heat treatments are anticipated for almost all rubies. In fact, it’s estimated that 95% of Rubies have undergone a heat treatment to improve their color. Other treatments include fracture filling with an oil or resin, heat treatment with a color enhancing agent or cavity filling. It’s important to always shop with a reputable jeweler for full disclosure of treatments.


Rubies are generally a durable gemstone that can be subjected to all jewelry cleaning methods like ultrasonic cleaning, steam cleaning and warm soapy water. Although Rubies are a durable stone, if your Ruby is fractured or cavity filled, we recommend that you never use an ultrasonic cleaner or steam to clean your stone. Like any precious gemstone, you should avoid using harsh chemicals around your Rubies.

Rubies are a very popular quality gemstone with a bold red that makes for memorable and eye-catching jewelry. The next time you’re out of gift ideas for the special person in your life born in July, considering purchasing Ruby birthstone Jewelry. Rubies make beautiful accent and statement gemstones in jewelry. You can shop Les Olson’s custom Ruby collection of jewelry online, stop in, or call to ask about getting your current Ruby jewelry repaired 727-785-9624.

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