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Redesign or Refurbish Jewelry to Transform Old Pieces
Have unworn jewelry that is no longer serving its purpose? We can help bring back its value by redesigning it into something new.

Turning Old Jewelry into New Pieces

Jewelry can hold sentimental value to many people, but there may come a time when you have a piece that no longer sparks that same feeling. Rather than leaving your jewelry unworn and untouched, you can have it refurbished or redesigned to turn it into something new and restore its beauty.

Letting go of family heirlooms or special pieces can be difficult. By refurbishing or redesigning them, you can keep your valuable possessions while adding a brand-new touch that will inspire you to wear them once again. At times, all it takes is some tweaking to revitalize your jewelry and breathe new life into them.

Contact Us to Redesign or Refurbish Your Jewelry

Have any unworn jewelry that needs a transformation? Contact Les Olson Jewelers today at (727) 785-9624, and we will be happy to discuss possible designs with you.

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