Jewelry Repair in Tampa

Jewelry Repair in Tampa

Les Olson Jewelers offers customized jewelry repair in Tampa and its surrounding communities. We say “customized” because we not only repair but also reconfigure your jewelry to add years to its wearability.

Jewelry Repair

Restoration and Jewelry Repair in Tampa

You expect your local jeweler to have experience and a good reputation. Most importantly, you expect honesty and integrity. There are seldom any truly “broken” pieces of jewelry – everything is fixable – but we’ll tell you the truth about your favorite pieces. For example, Your grandmother’s ruby ring keeps losing its stones. It’s a small fee to replace the rubies, but the real problem is the prongs. They are completely eroded and need attention, not the gemstones. Another jewelry store might keep replacing the stones, year after year. We will repair the necessary fix, so you won’t lose any more rubies. When gemstone prongs are worn, it’s a good clue that the ring itself was well-worn and beloved, which makes it a very significant part of your jewelry collection. Most importantly, we want to preserve your family’s inheritance and legacy.

Jewelry Repair in Tampa and What to Look For

Online sales and services are terrific. Your jewelry is a representation of you. It’s important that you know who is handling and repairing your precious jewelry. It’s important your jewelry repair in Tampa is managed by Les Olson Jeweler’s master craftsmen. Some of our other restoration and jewelry repair services in Tampa include:

    • Free, upfront quotes – We have a good idea of the amount of work and costs involved with your jewelry repair in Tampa. We’ll share that information before we begin our work.
    • Onsite store and workshop – Our creativity is only limited by your own ideas and suggestions. We have concepts and so do you, and we can share those ideas face-to-face. You’ll be able to talk with your own Les Olson Jewelry designer and construct a beautiful piece of jewelry together.
    • Reputation – For many businesses, longevity and word-of-mouth recommendations say it all. For over 25 years, Les Olson Jewelers has been the flagship for jewelry repair in Tampa. We never sacrifice our own standards for quality and excellent customer service. Our family of jewelry professionals will be here for you and your family.
    • Your jewelry stays here – We have the equipment and craftsmanship you need right here in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Visit Les Olson Jewelers for Jewelry Repair in Tampa

Jewelry is called “wearable art” these days. Repairing, replacing, and restoring your valuable jewelry is what our master jewelers offer here at Les Olson Jewelers. We believe each piece of jewelry is a work of art. We will handle your jewelry with care and protection as if it is fine art. If you have any questions or need additional information about jewelry repair in Tampa, call 727.785.9624 or visit our jewelry store in Palm Harbor today.

“You have to find your own style of jewelry. Trends come and go, but your jewelry is timeless. It speaks your language.” –
Rob Shinsky, JA Certified Jewelry Designer