Jewelry Gifts Ideas for Women

Dec 8, 2020 | News & Events

What do women want? We may not have all the answers, but we can certainly help guide you on gifts for her! In fact, we have gifts ideas for women in all areas of your life.


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What you gift for Mom will probably not be the same as what you gift your wife. We help you navigate the vast world that is jewelry, so you only give the best gifts for women.


Shopping for Mom can sometimes be daunting – what do you gift someone who gifted you life? Hard to live up to, but we can try to help! Show her how much you care with the best gifts for mom:


Gifts For Mom: Sisterhood Collection

Give a gift that gives back. That’s what The Sisterhood Collection is. Designed by our very own Pamela Shinsky, these make great presents for mom. The collection is made of silver and gold jewelry for women whose hearts are joined together by laughter, tears and joy. The endless circles represent the connection women have through this beautiful journey of life. The most beautiful part is that 20% of all proceeds from the collection will be donated to the Boobie Lovin Foundation which supports cancer research and support services.


Gift Ideas for Mom: Pearls

A staple of every women’s jewelry collection is pearls. You can never go wrong with such a lustrous gemstone. Pearls signify wisdom and that’s exactly what mothers have. A great gift idea for her would be a whole set of pearls. If you want to spread out pearl purchases to multiple gifts throughout the year, we won’t blame you! Another great reason we like pearls as a present for mom is that there’s multiple necklace lengths. If she has one length, you can always add to her collection with a different one so that she can layer them. Like we said, you can never go wrong with pearls!


Best Gifts for Mom: Gold Watch

If you really want to give a unique gift for mom, go with this stunning flower watch. It is truly one of a kind. Let her know how precious time is with her by gifting this watch. Not simply any watch, though. An antique 14 karat yellow gold watch featuring a pink flower with sapphires and rubies.


Every mother deserves a piece of jewelry that shows off her precious children. The Mother’s Pendant highlights the birthstones of her kids (or simply feature her favorite gemstones). This is custom made for her, which makes this gift for her even more special. Contact us to get this gift for mom started.


Good Gifts for Mom: Angel Pendant

Let’s be real, your mother was probably an angel to raise you into the person you are today. Show her that with a beautiful 14 karat angel pendant. These charming pendants come in her preferred gold color and are sure to make her feel heavenly. What we love about them? They’re designed by our lovely Pamela Shinsky.



We joke that we provide long-term wife insurance – that’s because we always produce great pieces that make the best gifts for your wife. You want to give the love of your life a meaningful present that represents all your love for her. Here are a few of our suggestions for gifts for your wife:


Gifts for Wife: Diamond Hoops

Dazzle her with diamonds! What woman doesn’t love some sparkle? Diamond hoops will make her eyes gleam. A staple for every jewelry collection, diamond hoops can come in all sizes. From small earring huggies to large hoops. Whatever her preference is, she’ll love the extra shine that diamonds provide. Shop our selection:


Best Gift For Wife: Anniversary Band

After years of marriage, maybe it’s time to upgrade that original ring you gave years ago. We can help create something completely from scratch or involve the original masterpiece that you gave her years ago. This gift idea for your wife recognizes the beautiful years you’ve spent together. At Les Olson Jewelers, we make choosing, designing and creating a custom ring a personalized experience. Bring her in to our Palm Harbor jewelry studio to get started!


Gift Ideas for Wife: Yellow Diamond Earrings

Get her something as rare and spectacular as she is. These yellow diamond dangle earrings in particular shine extra bright and are simply stunning. The best gifts truly come in the smallest boxes and this gift for her exemplifies that. Buy these earrings here or contact us to start your own custom pair.


Want to really impress her with the best gift for your wife? Get her a piece of jewelry that features one of the “big three.” This includes rubies, emeralds and sapphires. At Les Olson Jewelers, we have a variety of handmade and custom design jewelry at our Palm Harbor jewelry studio.



What to gift the person you plan to spend the rest of your life together. These gifts for your fiancé will show your love and commitment. Whether it’s a jewelry piece for your impending – we mean upcoming wedding or a piece she should have in her jewelry box. Take a peek at our gift ideas for her:


Gifts for fiance: Stackable Ring

You gave her a left-hand ring, now you can give her a right-hand fashion ring. Stackable rings are very popular – they can commemorate important milestones in your life and make great gifts for her. Start her stackable collection off and let it grow as the years go by. Shop our current collection here.


Best Gift for Fiance: Blue Gemstone Jewelry

With the upcoming nuptials, she’ll need something blue. That’s why a great gift for your fiancé is a blue gemstone. The most popular is, of course, a rich blue sapphire. But that’s not the only gemstone you can choose from. We also suggest tanzanite, blue topaz and turquoise. The best gift for fiancés is one she’ll cherish, and a blue gemstone will be extra special because of its tie to the wedding day.


Gift Ideas for Fiance: Flower Pendant

Get a flower pendant to represent your blossoming life together. Get the pendant in her favorite color of gold. This particular gift for her can be customized to hold almost any gemstone of your choice. Contact us to start customizing this pendant for her.



If you’re stuck on presents for girlfriend, we have a variety of gift ideas for her. Whether it’s your first gift for her or if you’re a seasoned gift giver, we have some jewelry you might not have considered.


Girlfriend Gift Ideas: Claddagh Ring

Signify the importance and love in your relationship with a Claddagh ring. You don’t have to be Irish to partake in this lasting tradition. The ring symbolizes friendship, love and loyalty – all things that are important in a relationship. Learn more about the significance of the claddagh ring on our blog.


Gifts for Girlfriend: Heart Pendant

Nothing screams “I love you” like a heart pendant. If you want to show your love for her, but aren’t quite ready for the symbolism of a Claddagh ring then a heart pendant will do the trick. Or if you don’t want to give the wrong impression when presenting her with a ring box, we also highly recommend going with a heart pendant. Always a good gift for a girlfriend!


A girlfriend gift idea that’s simple for you but perfect for her are gold hoops – especially if she’s a fashionista! Every girl’s jewelry collection should have a staple pair of gold hoops. The size of those hoops depends on her taste. We recommend going small to medium if she currently doesn’t have a pair. Alternatively, if she has costume hoops then upgrading to 14 karat gold is a great gift for her! Check out our current selection on our website or in our Palm Harbor jewelry studio.


Another great gift for her if she’s a fashionista is an anklet. Petite and dainty, an anklet is the perfect piece of jewelry in Florida weather. Get her a simple gold chain or one with charms on it. We’ll help you find the perfect present for your girlfriend.


Good Gifts for Girlfriend: Gemstone Jewelry

If she loves color, then consider a beautiful gemstone piece of jewelry. If you’re not quite at the point in your relationship to spend on the “big three,” then we have some suggestions that are just a beautiful and breathtaking. Here are our top suggestions: amethyst, garnet, blue topaz and citrine. If you want to make it extra meaningful, gift her the stone on Christmas day and then bring her to Les Olson Jewelers to create a custom jewelry piece together. You can turn the experience into a date because working with the Les Olson staff to create your dream design is nothing short of perfection. Plus, if you’ve been dying to find out her taste in engagement rings or her ring size, we can subtly make that happen as well!


Gifts ideas for women don’t have to be complicated. We hope that we’ve simplified the best gifts for women – jewelry! These memorable gifts will last a lifetime.

Still not sure on gift ideas for women in your life? Contact us and we’ll help you get started on an extra-personalized jewelry piece. We can help make the best gift for her, whether it’s using past jewelry pieces to create a new family heirloom or making a custom design based off her Pinterest board. Swing into our Palm Harbor jewelry studio or contact us to set up an appointment.

Learn why custom jewelry makes for the best gifts for her.

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