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Whether it be your go-to accessory to complete any outfit or an important family heirloom that has been passed through generations, jewelry is a cherished possession for anyone. Thus, giving jewelry proper care and attention can help preserve its condition and keep your jewelry lasting a lifetime.

Storing Jewelry

After wearing your jewelry for a long day, or even just for a few hours, you must remember to store it properly to preserve its condition. Many underestimate this step, but overlooking it can easily lead to damage and scratches. Take note of the following best practices when storing jewelry to take care of your collection at all times:
  • Wipe dirt and grime before storing jewelry
  • Keep jewelry from air and use silica packs, if possible, to minimize moisture
  • Use a soft pouch to store individual gemstones to cushion them from hard surfaces
  • Store silver jewelry in a dry place, preferably in a box lined with felt

Cleaning Jewelry

Nowadays, ultrasonic cleaners have become a popular DIY method for cleaning jewelry. While they are generally effective, you cannot use them for jewelry pieces with organic gems or gemstones coated in oil, plastic, or wax since the vibrations can loosen and dislodge the stones.

Generally, the simplest cleaning techniques are also the most effective. Here are some quick tips for different types of jewelry:

  • Handle fragile gems like pearls and opals with extreme care
  • Clean colored gems with lukewarm water and a mild detergent
  • Avoid rinsing in the sink to prevent loose stones from getting lost
  • Clean silver jewelry with a silver polishing cloth and dry with a lint-free cloth

Get Professional Cleaning For Your Jewelry

To keep your jewelry looking beautiful and shiny, contact Les Olson Jewelers today at (727) 785-9624 for professional cleaning services.

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