Interesting Facts About Pearl Jewelry

May 17, 2019 | News & Events

June is the official Month of the Pearl


The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens. -Grace Kelly

Fashions come and go, only to return later, but the one fashion that has never, ever gone out of style is pearl jewelry. Quite simply, pearl jewelry captures everything we want in jewelry: sophistication, beauty, nature, and the essence of purity in timelessness.

In the Beginning: Pearl Jewelry

Your jewelry collection isn’t complete without pearls. Pearls are the flagship gemstones in this world of eco-friendly, naturist-driven lifestyles, and the only gem to come from a living creature. They are formed when some kind of irritant – a speckle of dust (but most likely a tiny parasite) – is introduced into a mollusk. The mollusk then produces layers of nacre. The quality of the nacre determines the quality of the pearl.

Considerations for Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are not always white. In fact, some of the most beautiful pearl jewelry in the world is designed from brown, black, gray, blue, yellow, lavender, and pink pearls. If you visit your local Palm Harbor jeweler to study pearls, look at the texture, color, and shape. Close your eyes and feel the surface; smooth-smooth may indicate your pearl isn’t “real.” Real pearls always have some imperfections if you examine closely. When buying pearls, you need to know that cultured pearls are indeed “real pearls.” The irritant that helps form the pearl itself is introduced by man, which means the pearls are cultivated, as in a crop.

Are They ‘Real?’

Jewelers all over the world cringed when ABC News suggested the tooth test” for inspecting pearls. Before you begin massaging your teeth at your local jeweler’s counter, check for:

  • Appearance – Hold the strand of pearls next to a bright light and roll the pearls. If they have a thin nacre (surface thickness), the pearls will blink at you, says gemologist Cos Altobelli.
  • Color/Luster – Fake pearls’ colors may seem flat when compared to the luster of high-quality pearls. Pearls almost have an inner glow that is hard to imitate. The most valuable pearls are white with a hint of rose.
  • Drill holes – Real pearls may reveal a type of “nucleus” inside. Also, fake pearls may actually show signs of melted plastic around the drill holes.
  • Size – Real pearls are formed by nature, so there should be some size variation.
  • Touch – Imitation pearls will warm in your hand faster than real pearls.
  • Weight – Real pearls weigh more than fake pearls.

Don’t Wait ’Til June for Pearl Jewelry

Cos Altobelli is an expert gemologist for the American Gem Society, and he says, “There is no way a person can tell” the difference between a real pearl and a well-done imitation pearl. “You have to depend on someone who is knowledgeable.” The best way to ensure you’re getting high-quality jewelry is to buy from a reputable, trustworthy jeweler.

Palm Harbor is listed as one of Sperling’s Best Places to Live, perhaps because we appreciate a better quality of lifestyle. Jewelry newcomers and collectors say Les Olson Jewelers is the Palm Harbor-area’s most experienced and reputable source for a better quality of jewels, including pearl jewelry. We can find what you need and want, while respectfully working within your budget.

Contact Les Olson Jewelers to Learn More About Pearl Jewelry

June is the “official” month for pearl jewelry, and the pearl is June’s birthstone. Pearl custom jewelry in Palm Harbor is a smart choice year-round! Your jewelry concept can inspire our creativity. Call 727-785-9624 or contact us to learn more about unique pearl jewelry and our jewelry store in Palm Harbor.

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