How To Pick the Right Gold Chain

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There are many options and factors to think about when buying a gold chain.

The first being the type of gold. Solid gold chains are commonly made with 14kt or 18kt gold. When buying gold, you always want to make sure there is a karat stamp. Gold plated or gold-filled chains are going to be significantly less expensive than solid gold and they will wear and tarnish quickly. When looking to buy a gold chain that is going to be of quality and last a long time, we suggest you shop for 14kt or 18kt gold chains that are solid and not hollow.


Asking the Right Questions 

A majority of guests that stop into our Palm Harbor, FL studio looking to buy a gold chain are purchasing the chain as a gift. Our jewelry experts know the right questions to ask to determine the appropriate chain. One of the things we urge our customers to consider is their height of the recipient. The length of the chain is a very important factor for many, so we always take height into consideration first. Another thing to think about when puchasing a chain is the hand coordination of the person wearing the chain. Do we need a larger clasp that is easier to take on and off for someone who may have trouble working it? If you think a clasp isn’t ideal in general, a longer chain that can be pulled over the head to take on and off may be the best option.


Popular Chains

Style and thickness are important factors when talking about gold chains. If you plan on hanging a pendant/charm from the chain, a sturdy chain is very important! We always like to recommend Raso chains for pairing with pendants. Raso chains are made with rounded gold, and diamond cut 360 degrees. Raso chains offer sturdiness, flexibility and an eye-catching design, making them the perfect pair with a charm or pendant.

Other notable mentions for quality chains to pair with pendants are box chains and wheat chains. Gold chains commonly worn by themselves are Figaro, Rope and Cuban link, they are luxurious looking and very popular gold chains for men.


A gold chain can be a big purchase that can last decades, if not a lifetime. It’s important that you go into the gold chain buying process with some education and ideas of what type of chain you’re looking to buy. Stop into Les Olson Jewelers to have one of our jewelry experts guide you through the gold chain buying process, or shop chains from our website.

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