Don’t you hate receiving an online purchase in the mail only to find out it doesn’t fit? If you’re investing in fine jewelry the heartbreak is tenfold. So, if you’re online shopping for rings how do you know which size to buy?

If you can’t make it to Les Olson Jewelers to get your finger sized by a professional, you’re in luck! We have the easiest way to measure your ring size at home in 3 simple steps.

Keep in mind the average ring size for women ranges from size 3 to 9. The most purchased ring sizes for women are between 5 and 7 with 6 being the most popular size. The average ring size for men ranges from size 6 to 13. The most purchased ring sizes for men are between 8 and 10 ½ with 9 being the most popular.


Helpful tips before you measure

·         Measure your finger is in its normal state. If you’re on any medications, have made any temporary dietary changes, are feeling ill, or are pregnant you may want to wait to measure your finger in its natural state.

·         Mind the temperature. Hot weather could cause your finger to swell and cold weather can cause it to shrink.

·         Measure your finger at the end of the day when fingers are warm. Fingers tend to be smaller early in the morning.

·         Measure the finger you’ll be wearing the ring on. Keep in mind the fingers on your dominant hand may be larger.

·         If your knuckle is larger than your finger measure at the knuckle and underneath. Calculate the average by adding the two measurements and dividing by 2. Use the average number to find your correct size.

·         Measure 3 to 4 times to ensure accuracy.


What you’ll need

·         A string (or string-like object)

·         Scissors or Pen

·         A ruler with millimeter measurements

·         A conversion chart


Step 1

Grab a piece of string, paper, shoelace, ribbon, floss, or spaghetti noodle (just kidding) and wrap it around your finger under your knuckle. Cut or mark where the item’s ends meet.

Step 2

Find a ruler that has millimeter measurements and measure the cut/marked string.

Step 3

Use our conversion chart to determine your size.

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