Pearls are a natural stone with a delicate layer of lustrous “nacre” that can be easily damaged if not cared for properly. To learn more about nacre and how pearls naturally occur, read our pearl blog here. To learn how to clean and store your pearl jewelry, continue reading.

Wipe Don’t Soak

After every wear, wipe your pearls down with a soft cloth to remove any oils, lotions, or perfumes from your pearls. Pearls are sensitive to chemicals and a buildup of materials can eat away at the outer layer of nacre.

If your pearls are stained and need a more in-depth cleaning, use a damp cloth. Dip a cotton cloth in a mixture of lukewarm water and mild soap and wipe each pearl down. Make sure not to submerge your pearls or overly saturate them as this can cause the silk that they are strung on to deteriorate.
Here at Les Olson Jewelers, we use a mild jewelry cleaner made for pearls to get your pearls squeaky clean while preserving their luster.

*Never steam or ultrasonic your pearls*


Our expert jewelers recommend wearing no lotions or perfumes around your pearls as they can be damaging to the pearls outer layer of nacre. Make sure never to shower in your pearls or wear them on a day spent in the sun. Pearls like a moist environment, which means its great to wear your pearls often, just not to your beach day where the beating sun could easily dry them out.

Pearl jewelry should be stored alone and in some type of fabric because they scratch easily. Store your pearl jewelry laying flat. Hanging your pearls can stretch the link overtime.

Pearls, no matter the shape or color are a delicate stone that require precautions to keep their beauty. With the proper care, pearls can last a lifetime and make great heirloom jewelry to be passed on from generations.

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