How a Custom Necklace Can Create Lifelong Memories

Dec 17, 2019 | News & Events

The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.

-Steel Magnolias

Art is something unique to us, as a species and as a people who love. We’ve been engraving custom jewelry almost since the beginning of time. In the very beginning of life as we know it, people engraved stones to honor their gods or to tell stories and record history. Beautifully carved gemstones were used in ancient Rome and Egypt. Later, engraved seals were used to symbolize position and wealth.

Custom Jewelry: Your Legacy

Cloisonné using gemstones set into gold was quite popular in ancient times. Engravers in Central and South America worked primarily with jade to create earrings, masks and plaques. An Egyptian might use a custom necklace to for decoration or even as a code.

A custom necklace or personalized jewelry is more than a nice gift. It’s a piece of art that can define your feelings today. It’s also a legacy of art you will leave behind for your children and grandchildren. A custom necklace is history – your history – designed as a precious gift.

9 Ways to Personalize a Custom Necklace or Bracelet

Nothing could be simpler – or more unique – than combining your initials and your loved one’s initials in a piece of jewelry. Your unique engravings can be worn as pendants or necklaces, near the heart or as bracelets that serve as a daily reminder of how much you care. It’s not just for lovers and couples. You can personalize jewelry for anyone who is loved:

  1. Congratulations – Engrave “2019” on your jewelry gift to forever express your congratulations to the graduate, newlywed, or new parent. One friend gave a divorcing friend a bracelet that said, “Free at Last.”
  2. Faith and hope; encouragement – Words of encouragement give light to dark days. Help someone know they are never alone: “Trust in the Lord.” “Live for today. Do that every day.” “Believe.” “Don’t count the days. Make the days count.” “Follow Your Bliss.”
  3. Fathers and mothers – Every day is a good day to celebrate the people who love you unconditionally. Is there any word more powerful than “Mom?” Let them know how you feel.
  4. Friends – “Friends Forever” says it all.
  5. Humor – There may be that one time one or both of you will never forget because it was so hilarious. Relive life together with, “Getting arrested with you is fun,” or “Zombies eat brains. We’re safe.”
  6. Love – You can say, “We’re better together” and add your intertwined initials or use those very words. You are better together!
  7. Matching jewelry – Friends, his and hers, hers and hers, his and his, mother/daughter, brothers/sisters, cousins … How many relationships do we share? “Soulmates,” “Always,” “Forever,” or “My miracle” expresses what both of you feel.
  8. Professional – That dentist in your life will laugh at, “Smile while you still have teeth.” “Trust me. I’m a lawyer,” is always popular. “Educational Rockstar,” “First, do no harm,” “Best Banker,” and any number of words express your pride in the professionals in your life.
  9. Thanks – “Thank you” is eloquent and powerful, and you can add, “You make my heart smile.”

Rings and Things: Everyone Says I Love You

There is a wall in Paris with the words, “I love you” in every language. Is anything more beautiful than, “Je T’adore,” or “Te Amo?” When your loved ones are proud of their heritage, use the language that speaks to them. One quote that is encouraging is Latin: “Dum spiro spero,” which means, “While I breathe, I hope…”

When Words Cannot Express…

If your relationship is beyond words, let us design a unique, wearable art using metals and gemstones. Your jewelry collection can begin at any age (and at any price) because you’re never too young or too old to appreciate art. Unique art is our gift to you when we design a custom necklace or pendant. Your collection can include personalized, engraved or gemstone-designed:

Let the artists at Les Olsen Jewelers know your thoughts. We’ll create the design that matches your personality – and your feelings for others. You can trust us to design or repair your jewelry no matter where you are, because we are IJO Master Jewelers. We uphold the highest standards of retail jewelry design and repair.

Call 727.785.9624 or contact Les Olson Jewelers to learn more about custom jewelry. And for exciting ideas, be sure to check out our Custom Jewelry of the Week Collection.

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