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Gemstones, as treasured pieces, must be handled with utmost care.

While there are appropriate techniques for each stone, most can be cleaned with a soft brush, warm water, and detergent. No matter how tough your gemstones may be, they can still break and get damaged if not handled correctly.

Tips in Caring for Gemstones

When cleaning and caring for your gemstones, here are some things to keep in mind to preserve their condition:

  • Keep gemstones stored at constant temperatures and avoid sudden changes
  • Remove gemstone jewelry when doing active or strenuous tasks
  • Do not expose stones to any chemicals
  • Store each piece separately by wrapping it in cloth to prevent scratches
  • Check for loose gemstones before wearing your jewelry
  • Do not wear gemstone jewelry in the pool

Get Professional Gemstone Cleaning and Repair

To learn more about different gemstones, you can check out our guide here. Should you need professionals to help you clean and repair your gemstones, especially clarity-enhanced stones, contact Les Olson Jewelers today at (727) 785-9624.

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