Financing Jewelry for the Holidays

Nov 29, 2022 | Uncategorized


Time to put on your Santa hat and hold on to your wallet, folks! The holiday season is upon us!

We all know Santa is nothing without his helpers- and since Dasher and Dancer were busy- we’re bringing you Synchrony!

Synchrony can help you save money this Christmas with interest-free financing for 12 months.

Apply HERE for your synchrony credit card and save money and peace of mind this holiday season!

Check out some gifts below and see what’s possible with financing through Synchrony!


Aquamarine Drop Earrings

These earrings will be the only thing that’s blue this Christmas! She’ll be smiling ear to ear when she puts on these beauties.

These earrings have two oval aquamarines that weigh 0.90ct with two accent diamonds with a 0.02 total carat weight.

$929 OR $77.50/month



Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Who hasn’t dreamed of getting a diamond tennis bracelet for Christmas?

This gorgeous lab-grown diamond tennis bracelet has 67 round brilliant diamonds and weighs just over 3 carats.

Don’t hesitate to secure this timeless piece and make her holiday unforgettable.

$4,350 OR $362.50/month


Rose Gold Cross

This modern cross necklace would make an excellent gift! An understated yet eye-catching everyday piece that she’ll love!

This curved cross is encrusted with 0.65 carats of round diamonds set in 14k rose gold.

$1,575 OR $131.25/month



Three-Row Diamond Ring

Who needs snow this Christmas when you’re wearing this ice?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but you’ll be runner-up when you buy her this stunning ring. It features 25 diamonds that weigh 0.50 carats and is made in 14k white gold.

$1,800 OR $150/month

Don’t hesitate to visit to apply for 12-month interest-free financing and save money this holiday season!

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