Amethyst, the birthstone for February, is a widely adored and versatile gemstone. Amethyst comes in many different shades and has been prized in the past by many religions and cultures. Let’s take a deeper look into February’s birthstone and learn about what makes Amethyst so regal when it comes to jewelry.


Leonardo da Vinci once wrote that Amethyst enhances one’s intelligence and protects them against evil thoughts. Prior to that, the ancient Greeks and Roman’s believed that Amethyst would keep the wearer clear headed and quick witted.



Until the 19th century, Amethyst were as valuable and as expensive as Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubies. When a large Amethyst deposit was found in Brazil, the financial value of Amethyst decreased, in turn, increasing the options and abundance of Amethyst jewelry. Although reddish/purple Amethyst are the most valuable hue on the market, Amethyst are found in many different shades- from a deep lustrous purple, to a subtle and soft lavender.



Amethysts are a variation of the quartz crystal, making them a 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. We can thank gamma irradiation and traces of iron in the crystals for Amethyst’s rich purple color that we love so much.



Along with the discovery of the Amethyst deposit in Brazil came more innovation and options in the designs of Amethyst jewelry. More eye catching, statement pieces were made available using large cuts of Amethyst stones. Amethyst are a flattering gem and look great set into both yellow and white gold jewelry. The abundance of Amethyst, along with their rich color and the fact that they’re readily available with no visible eye inclusions, make them a gemstone that’s hard to resist.


A reliable gemstone that looks great in pendants, rings and earrings, Amethyst jewelry can be found as dainty and elegant or as exquisite and luxurious as you want. So, whether you’re a February birthday or not, Amethyst have something great to offer everyone. Browse our Amethyst designs, made in our custom design studio and see just exactly why Amethyst is so loved.


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