Father’s Day Jewelry: What to Get Dad This Year

Jun 4, 2019 | News & Events

Father’s Day jewelry can be a fantastic Father’s Day gift this year.

Your local jewelry store in Palm Harbor has some exciting “manly-man” jewelry for all the dads in your life. Father’s Day 2019 is June 16, and it’s a day to honor the men that have provided us with love, support, and guidance. Some of us even have two or three men who have made a difference in our lives. Father’s Day jewelry is a unique way of saying, “Thank you.”

Feeling the Love with Father’s Day Jewelry

There’s still time to design and order custom jewelry. One idea that is very popular here in the Palm Harbor area of Florida is to transform an older piece of jewelry. This can be a grandmother’s pendant, brooch or a mother’s ring. The design can be reconfigured into a ring, bracelet, or necklace. Also, this jewelry can be re-designed for men. You can always check out predesigned and sized-to-fit wearable art.

On Target: Bullet Rings for Father’s Day Jewelry

Bullet rings are a big hit with gun enthusiasts, active military, and veterans! It’s a great choice for Father’s Day jewelry that says, “Thank you for your service.” NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) bullets are 5.56x45mm rimless, bottlenecked bullets developed in Belgium. These bullets are standard issue for NATO and non-NATO countries. Depending on your budget, bullet rings can be made with any metal combination and designed by Floridian jewelry designer Rob Shinsky. Silver bullet rings are made with .925 sterling silver, the most durable form of silver. There’s nothing like untainted gold and surprisingly, men love it almost as much as women! You can use your own gold to fashion a one-of-a-kind bullet ring. A gunmetal matte finish is truly eye-catching!

‘Real’ Floridian Men Fish

Even part-timers and “snowbirds” enjoy Florida fishing. In fact, most custom jewelry in Florida is designed with a fishing motif. Here are just some of the creations available for the fishermen you love:

  • Black Tarpon Snook – This rustic, manly ring is perfect for fishermen. There’s nothing fancy about it, and that seems to be what “real men” prefer.
  • Fish Hook Pendant – Even the guy who won’t wear jewelry will wear this pendant. It’s a fishhook, plain and simple. However, there’s nothing simple about the metals you can choose from for Father’s Day Jewelry. Designer Rob Shinsky uses the most attractive and affordable design.
  • Hammerhead Shark – Possibly the most popular jewelry item for men, this ring features Great White swimming between open jaws. It’s often out of stock, but you can allow 5 shipping days, so order now! Other popular shark rings include Great Shark Gold, Mako, and Jaws. There’s also a stunning silver/gold Snook ring available.

Visit Les Olson Jewelers for Father’s Day Jewelry Today

Good Father’s Day Jewelry…Every Day for the Men You Love I brought some personal and family jewelry in for repair and other older pieces to make specialty, “one-of-a-kind” pieces for my family. The repairs were quick and inexpensive but the specialty pieces were exquisite and honestly breathtaking. –DL, 2019

Palm Harbor-area residents know about Les Olson Jewelers. Our family has been serving Florida families over 25 years. Call 727-785-9624 or visit our studio and store at 35150 U.S. Hwy. 19N in Palm Harbor. We look forward to helping you design the perfect Father’s Day Jewelry piece.

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