Different Styles of Engagement Rings- How to Pick the Right One

Jan 11, 2020 | News & Events

Selecting jewelry for your significant other, especially an engagement ring, is one of the most exciting times of a couple’s life. There are many factors and considerations one should study. Whether you’re buying a bridal set that’s already made or having an engagement ring designed and manufactured from scratch, every aspect of the ring—the stone, metal and setting—should be chosen with her lifestyle and budget in mind. Listed below are many tips and examples to help make the experience an enjoyable and seamless process with the end result being a beautiful ring she will love and show off for the rest of her life.

Metal Choice:

One thing to determine when picking out and designing an engagement ring is the type of metal your significant other wears and prefers. Do you notice her favoring one color over another? The traditional options are the naturally bright, low maintenance yellow gold, or the striking metallic, white gold. Rose gold has recently emerged as a trend in the jewelry world as well.
If most of her jewelry is white gold or sterling silver, platinum is a metal to seriously consider for engagement rings for several reasons. Platinum is a pure, stronger metal than gold. Platinum does not require the necessary rhodium plating like white gold to maintain its color due to its purity.
Mixed metal rings are also a fun, unique option and are be extremely versatile, especially for the woman who loves all colors of metals.


There are an abundance of settings to choose from. This is where the exciting and creativity of the process comes into play. And, while you may decide on the classic simple solitaire engagement ring, she may also want to venture out and design a dazzling custom unique piece all her own.


Solitaire Settings:

The classic solitaire setting is perhaps the simplest setting type, which features one stone on a single plain band. The round diamond set onto the band is the most popular cut for this timeless setting. If she’s looking for a simple look but not the traditional round, any diamond shape would look gorgeous in a solitaire setting and at any height necessary to accommodate lifestyle. Solitaire bands can get more elaborate with having engravings on the band such as intricate touches like miligrain (a beaded pattern) or filigree (metal wire details) but stay plain generally. The solitaire setting is a way to show off your brilliant stone in an understated way.


Halo Settings:

Halo settings have been extremely popular and hot on the market for years now. The halo ring is a setting that encircles a center stone in a collection of small round stones. Viewed from the top and from afar the halo setting allows a small center stone to appear larger. Double halos are also an option and feature two rows of stones set around the center stone to make for a larger dramatic look.


Vintage Inspired:

For the lady who is sentimental or an old soul, consider a vintage or art deco style ring. Vintage inspired settings are all about the details. Most of these settings have the intricate detailing like miligrain, filigree and halos with the charisma of the past. Whether you have an heirloom piece you would like to repurpose, or grandma’s ring handed down over the years, vintage settings and styles represent a romantic quality that is timeless and glamorous.


Three Stone Settings:

This classic setting is popping up everywhere in current trends. This sparkly ring is rich in symbolism. Historically the three stones represent a couple’s past, present and future. Just like the name states, the setting is compiled of three stones in a row and is very versatile. A custom twist to a three stone would be mixing stone shapes and colors to create a unique dramatic ring.

We get it, picking out the perfect ring can sometimes feel impossible, but also an exciting time towards the next step into your life. Designing your own engagment ring is the perfect way to consult an expert along the way and bring your vision to life. Here at Les Olson Jewelers we love working with our guests to go over their expectations and desires in a ring and help bring them peace of mind and ease in the process. To start working on a custom engagement ring, visit our custom design portal or stop into our Palm Harbor studio during our store hours.


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