All of us have jewelry that is too valuable to give away or lose, but that we never wear. Your mom’s favorite dinner ring…your senior ring…your grandparents’ wedding rings. There’s a way to preserve memories and add new, wearable pieces to your jewelry collection. Reshaping jewelry is a way to make a new piece out of old jewelry. It’s exciting to design your own, wearable art! Resizing rings can refresh and reshape engagement rings and other rings you won’t wear because they don’t fit “right.”

The Ups and Downs of Ring Resizing

Some types of metals are more difficult to work with than others. However, thanks to new technology, almost anything is possible. Ring resizing down is relatively simple: the jeweler simply cuts the extra material off the bottom and re-seams (solders) the ring together again. Ring resizing up, or increasing the size of a ring, takes more effort and that’s why it usually costs more. Ways to up-size a ring include:

  • Adding metal – You can resize a ring by adding more material (metal) to the band
  • Stretching the band – This depends on the band, the metal, and how much larger the ring needs to be.

If you’re shopping for that one-of-a-kind, special ring for him or her, it’s better to buy too big than too small.

There’s a Lot of Love in Palm Harbor

February is and will always be the official month for expressing love and friendship. But all of us know true love is year-round and lasts a lifetime. While it’s impressive to give jewelry to your loved ones, it’s more important to focus on good quality and work with reputable jewelry professionals that are established.

Contact Les Olson Jewelers For Ring Resizing Today

When we say our jewelry designers are “artists at play,” it means we are excited to be able to use creativity when resizing, reshaping, or redesigning your jewelry. As IJO Master Jewelers, we take our business and our reputation very seriously. Call 727.785.9624 today to learn more about ring resizing in Palm Harbor. If you have old jewelry gathering dust, let us help you create a piece that your family can cherish for generations to come.

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