How Men’s Jewelry Can Be Customized

Nov 1, 2018 | Uncategorized

Every piece of jewelry tells a story. -Catherine Cason
Some of us have or will inherit valuable family heirlooms; perhaps a Tiffany lamp or your great-grandfather’s antique Waterbury clock. Even if you don’t come from a family with heirlooms, why not become a family with heirlooms? Your custom gold jewelry can be a legacy for generations.

Make It His Alone

If you think more men are wearing custom gold jewelry, you’re right. There could be several explanations, but the fact is, custom men’s jewelry is trending big in 2018. According to the New York Times, men’s rings are the most popular item. In the U.S. they account for one-third of all men’s jewelry sold. Every man is unique, and there is a piece of jewelry that can speak to him now and speak about him for generations to come. It can tell his story. Here are ways custom Men’s jewelry in Palm Harbor can be a perfect, personalized gift or heirloom for future generations:

  • Engraving – Names are nice. Messages mean more. What about having your fingerprint engraved on his ring? Another unique engraving is to have your heartbeat (from an electrocardiograph pattern) embossed on the outside of his ring. He’ll know he truly owns your heart.
  • Gems – Diamonds are known for their rarity and singular, lasting beauty. Consider putting your birthstone or your favorite gemstone inside his ring or bracelet. It’s your way of saying you’ll always be close to him.
  • Mixing Metal – Silver and gold are traditional metal options, but today’s jewelry can be complex. Platinum is justifiably sought after, titanium is strength personified. You can choose from base metals like brass, copper, iron, and nickel. They require special care but make eye-catching bracelets, pendants, and rings.
  • Texture – Go beyond metal and add feel to his jewelry with a textured finish. Some of your choices are brushed, hammered, matte, or satin.

Design Your Dream

What are you thinking, dreaming, or feeling? Your concept can be incorporated into an everlasting wearable work of art! If you’re seeking ideas or inspiration, be sure to explore our gallery of custom gold jewelry in Palm Harbor:

As a selected Master Jeweler and member of IJO (Independent Jewelers Organization), you can expect ethical service and knowledgeable guidance at Les Olson Jewelers.

Call 727.785.9624 or contact Les Olson Jewelers to learn more about fine jewelry and how to develop your custom men’s jewelry collection. Even better, visit our Palm Harbor store at 35130 U.S. Highway 19N.

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