Why Custom Designed Pendants Make Great Gifts

Jan 10, 2019 | News & Events

People love to receive jewelry as gifts. Taking that extra step by adding your own touch to the to jewelry shows that they mean that much more to you. Working with an artist to create a custom designed pendant shows your loved ones just how much you think about them.

Many people have old jewelry laying around that they inherited from family or that they bought long ago and didn’t want to get rid of — what better than to have this old jewelry recreated into custom designed pendants that your loved one can enjoy wearing again.

Here is on why custom designed pendants are so special.

Inherited Gifts

Many women inherit their Grandmother’s wedding ring or old styled jewelry after their passing. While it is great to walk into your bedroom or look into your safe and remember the great times you had with her, why not create something that your loved one can wear and be proud of. This will help you remember your passed loved ones for a long time to come.

Custom Designed Pendants – Creative Gifts From the Heart

Custom designed pendants show your loved one that you went one step beyond peering into a jewelry case. You took it upon yourself to imagine them in something that they will absolutely love. If you have just started dating, custom designed pendants with her birthstone or a piece of sea glass she collected from the beach on one of your first dates would be perfect and thoughtful gifts. Not only will she be sure to love it, but it will show her how much the memories of your experiences mean to you as well.

If you have been together and even married for a long time. Custom designed pendants can show that you do have a flair for things that are different. You could take an old ring that she no longer wears, or have something new created from the families birthstones, or even a piece of the first home you bought together.

Custom designed pendants can be created to be beautiful and speak to the experience that you have had with the person receiving the gift. Custom Designed Pendants can speak volumes about how much you love this person and what your life with them has meant to you so far.

Contact Les Olson Jewelers Today

Contact Les Olson Jewelers with your ideas for custom pendants today. We will help you to create the perfect and elegant gift that you have been envisioning at prices that won’t break the bank. See some of the customized pendants, custom jewelry designs, and Custom Engagement Rings we have created and come on into the store to speak with one of our designers.

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