What You Need to Know About Conflict Free Diamonds

Jan 17, 2019 | News & Events

Conflict-free diamonds has a nice ring to it, no pun intended. Very few people know what it actually means to buy conflict-free diamonds. Many jewelers are conscious of the issues that surround diamond harvesting and are moving to use and selling conflict-free and lab-grown diamonds in their stores.

Jewelers have collaborated on the sourcing of conflict-free diamonds to ensure that they and you, the customer, are getting what you desire. These diamonds are usually rough and unprocessed diamonds from diamond mines that ethically harvest diamonds.

Ethically Harvested Diamonds

  • Are gathered from diamond harvesting companies that pay their workers a fair wage.
  • Are from companies that follow environmental laws.
  • Are from companies that treat workers fairly and without violence.
  • Are legally harvested.
  • Are from companies that do not support groups interested in war such as rebel groups or governments.
  • Are from companies that do their due diligence to remain certified as ethical and conflict-free.
  • Grow their own lab-grown diamonds.

Buying Conflict Free Diamonds

When you buy conflict-free diamonds, you can rest assured that you are getting real diamonds that support safe and fair trade. Conflict-free diamonds are real diamonds, produced over time by the earth, and harvested in strict ethical ways.

You are not only able to find peace of mind but your wallet as well. Show someone that you love them with ethically harvested, conflict-free diamonds. By doing this, you are supporting the conflict-free markets and helping to quash the civil unrest in countries where diamonds are collected.

It is true over the years things are starting to become better in these countries, but we still have a duty to make sure they stay that way. Show your love for humanity, the world, and your loved one by choosing to purchase conflict-free diamonds.

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