Chris Evert and the Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Jan 18, 2022 | News & Events

When I arrive in the morning at Les Olson Jewelers, one piece of jewelry consistently catches my eye. I can’t help but stare at it in awe, and although it isn’t the most intricate or original piece we have, it’s stunning in its simplicity and elegance.

That piece is our diamond tennis bracelet.

If I could put it on my desk to stare at it all day, I would. The sparkle is absolutely mesmerizing! After daydreaming about this bracelet for so long, I started to wonder, “why do we even call it a tennis bracelet?”

In the ’80s, the style shifted away from 20-inch winged collars and bell bottoms to a classic preppy style. Understated jewelry became more popular.

Single strand diamond necklaces and bracelets were a must-have! They exuded sophistication and grace, even a girly charm.

However, these necklaces and bracelets weren’t marketed for tennis from the start. That moniker came when Chris Evert, a leading tennis player, was playing in a championship match, and her single-strand diamond bracelet fell off mid-game.

Instead of continuing to play, she did what every other sane woman would do and stopped the show!

She had the refs bring the game to a complete halt so that she could find her diamonds. Stopping the game created an international stir of epic proportions.

After this debacle, jewelers worldwide started marketing lightweight diamond “tennis bracelets” that came with sturdy clasps so active women could wear a string of diamonds comfortably and confidently without fear of losing them in their next game of doubles.

Sadly, recent news has informed us of Chris Evert’s ovarian cancer diagnosis. We pray she battles cancer with the same vigor she displayed on the courts. She will not only be forever known as a fierce competitor and tennis legend, but every time someone clasps their “tennis bracelet,” we’ll remember her for this legendary story.

Get Well, Chris Evert! We’re rooting for you!

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