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Buying and Selling Gold

With gold prices rising over the years, it has become common for jewelry stores to buy jewelry from customers. At Les Olson Jewelers, we make sure to give comprehensive quotes based on the market price for gold.

Tips in Buying and Selling Gold

Buying or selling gold is a big decision and one that should not be done in haste. To ensure you get the most value from or for your money, here are some tips to guide you in your decision:

  • Stay updated with the price of gold and monitor the market to know the trends
  • Think carefully about what you want to buy or sell and avoid acting on impulse
  • Select a reputable buyer who understands the current market prices
  • Know the value of your pieces by doing research

Bring Your Jewelry to Us Today

If you have gold that you are no longer using, you can bring them in to get a quote from us. Contact Les Olson Jewelers today at (727) 785-9624 to sell your gold for a fair price.

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