Peridot Gemstone

Peridots come in various shades of green and have excellent transparency. This August birthstone is said to carry the gift of inner radiance, helping one recognize their destiny and spiritual purpose while sharpening the mind.


Peridot has been referred to by Egyptians as “The Gem of the Sun” and has been believed to protect people from terrors of the night. Although Egypt is not currently a producer of Peridot, Egyptians were the first to find the precious green gems on an island in the Red Sea called Zabaragad. Today, Arizona is one of the most active and important producers of Peridot in the world along with Pakistan, Myanmar and China, to name a few. Most Peridot gems form deep inside the earth and are brought to the surface from volcanoes. Some Peridot also comes from meteorites, but these gems are rare and are almost never found in retail jewelry stores.


Peridot Gemstones come from the mineral component olivine, a magnesium iron-based mineral. The high content of iron is what give Peridot their green color. Peridots are found in a variety of greens ranging from brownish or yellowish green to greenish yellow. Consumers of Peridot are often attracted to the bright lime and subdued olive greens. Peridots are considered plentiful compared to other gemstones, making them an inexpensive option when shopping for gemstone jewelry.

Imposters of Peridot

Peridot can be considered an imposter itself, sometimes being referred to as “the poor man’s Emerald”. It has been said that Cleopatras famous Emerald collection likely contained some Peridots. Even though Peridot is considered a quite affordable gemstone, like any gem, Peridot has imitations designed for jewelry consumers on a tight budget. Topaz is a gemstone sometimes mistaken with peridots. Some alternative options to genuine Peridots are synthetic Sapphire, synthetic Spinel, glass or plastic.


Peridot Gemstones are a 6.5 out of 10 on the mohs scale of hardness, making them more delicate gemstone compared to Sapphires, Rubies and Diamonds. Peridots aren’t recommended for jewelry that gets worn every day because they are prone to scratches and chipping. Peridot gemstones should never be cleaned using steam or an ultrasonic cleaner, instead use warm soapy water a soft brush.

Along with being the birthstone for August, Peridots are also the gemstone for 15th wedding anniversaries. To inquire about getting a custom Peridot design made from our Palm Harbor, FL studio, or to inquire about Peridot Jewelry repair, stop in or call during store hours. To shop for Peridot jewelry from the comfort of your own home, check out our online Peridot pieces.

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