Aquamarine gets its name from the Latin word meaning seawater, so it only makes sense that this beautiful gemstone has a pale, transparent blue color. In the 19th century the sea green colors of Aquamarines were the most valuable. Today, the bluer the stone, the more sought after and valuable they are.

Aquamarines have a lot of lore attached to them, and different properties are said to be attributed to different shades of the gemstone. Pale turquoise shades of aqua provide a fresh welcoming energy that encourages change and growth. These pale turquoise shades are said to bring balance, hope and new discoveries while keeping the wearer centered. Aquamarines have been worn on a long chain, near the center of the body for these spiritual and balancing purposes.

March’s birthstone has a long history of being associated with the water and those who live and travel by the sea. Aquamarines, in ancient times, were regarded as the treasure of mermaids and were carried by sailors for good luck on their voyages. Today Aquamarines protect all who travel by, over or near the sea. In addition, these light blue crystals are said to keep the wearer’s temper calm and refrain from destructive behaviors while helping them become dependable and cheerier.


Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family; this light blue gemstone is one of the more valuable ones on the market in the jewelry industry. Highly regarded for its healing, calming and balancing properties, Aquamarines are a gemstone that many people feel a spiritual connection to. Although some people own raw, uncut or loose Aquamarines for meditation, most people like to reap the benefits of this cool gem through pieces of jewelry with polished and multifaceted Aquamarine gemstones.


Aquamarine gemstones are a 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning they’re durable and can hold up to everyday wear. The stone may be durable but be sure to clean with only safe products. Alcohol and ammonia will damage the stone; aquamarines should be cleaned with warm soapy water or jewelry cleaner deemed safe by your trusted jeweler.

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