An Overview of the April Birthstone

Apr 16, 2021 | Birthstones

What is the birthstone for the month of April?

A birthstone is a gemstone that represents a person’s birth month. Birthstones are believed to bring the wearer luck, good health, and protection. For those born in the month of April, their birthstone is that of the diamond.

Diamonds are known for being one of the hardest stones on Earth, requiring billions of years to take form naturally. Once they do, it is said that they last forever, or at least close to it! Diamonds are among the most stunningly beautiful of all the modern birthstones.

What is the April Birthstone: A Look into the History of Diamonds

The term “diamond” is a variation “adamas,” the term coined by the ancient Greeks. With a literal translation of “unbreakable,” it was an appropriate name for the nearly indestructible formation.

If you look closer, the history of the diamond can be traced back even further to the fourth century BCE, when it was first gathered from the rivers of India. It was highly coveted by royalty and the wealthy.

Over the years, the precious birthstone found its way to Venice through the silk trade route. By the 1400s, the diamond has become a must-have for Europe’s elite. It was in this century that the diamond engagement ring first emerged when Archduke Maximillian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy.

In the 1700s, the diamond supply in India started to wane. Brazil took over as the main source of diamond and remained as such for the next one and a half centuries. In the late 1860s, a substantial source of the precious stone was discovered in Kimberley, South Africa. This important even helped shape the way the global jewelry industry looks today.

De Beers established a mine in the area in 1888 and proceeded to control around 90% of the world’s market for rough diamonds. The famous company captured the imagination of women all over the world with four simple words that hold true even to this day: “A Diamond is Forever.”

The Birth of Birthstones

Birthstones are part of culture and tradition for many countries today, but they have a long and storied past rooted in history. It is still unclear how the specific months became attributed to the various birthstones, but various scholars trace their origin back to biblical times. The Book of Exodus talks of the Breastplate of Aaron, a sacred garment worn by the High Priest of the Israelites to be able to talk with God.

It was a garment containing 12 gemstones with shoulder straps at the upper two corners. Each gemstone represented a tribe of Israel. As years passed, the symbolism of the 12 precious stones evolved and became connected to the 12 zodiac signs.

It was not until 1912 when the National Association of Jewelers came up with an official list assigning a precious gem to each of the months in the Julian calendar. If people today ask what the April birthstone is and how the diamond became the traditional birthstone for this specific month, they can look back to this slice of history.

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