All About Montana Sapphires

Sep 8, 2020 | Birthstones, News & Events

Montana is known as the Treasure State, which is no shock considering the beautiful sapphires that originate there.  When the sapphires were discovered in Montana, they were called “the finest precious gemstones ever found in the United States.”

Before you decide to feature these beauties in your next jewelry piece, get to know a little more about the precious gemstones. We’ve answered the questions you might have been wondering about the Montana Sapphires:

When were Montana Sapphires Discovered?

Montana sapphires were found inadvertently by gold rush prospectors around 1865. They were discovered in the gravels of the Missouri River and were considered a waste at the time because they got in the way of extracting gold.

What Part of Montana has Sapphires?

There are a few places that Montana Sapphires have been mined. In central Montana there’s the Yogo Sapphires. In the western half of the state there are the Fancy Montana Sapphires.

There are a few differences between the locations. The most interesting, in our opinion, is that western Montana sapphires are found in secondary mines. This means they’re not found in their original rock matrix veins, instead have been forced up closer to the surface. This makes them much more accessible than the Yogo Sapphires.

What Colors are Montana Sapphires?

There’s a multitude of colors that these beautiful gems can be found – from greens, light blues, pinks, oranges and yellows. Compared to other places that sapphires are mined, the Montana Sapphires are typically found in paler colors. Because of these fainter colors, they were originally thought to have no value. With heat treatment, though, they can now have just as intense of a color.

Why we like Montana Sapphires?

It’s easy to love sapphires, but here’s why we especially love the Montana Sapphire:

  • Ethically sourced
  • Easy to trace “mine to market”
  • Mined with consideration for the environment
  • Made in the USA

Before, you may have not even known sapphires were mined in the United States. Now you can impress your friends on your well-rounded Montana Sapphire knowledge. Especially, when you’re showing off the stone in a new ring or pendant.

Interested in adding this precious gemstone to your jewelry collection? Contact us and we’ll help you get started.

Want to learn more about the sapphire, discover more with our September Birthstone Fun Facts Blog.

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