4 Rules: How to Wear Men’s Fashion Bracelets

Aug 21, 2019 | News & Events

Men’s fashion bracelets can help you express your style and personality.

Men’s jewelry – especially men’s fashion bracelets – can be as down-to-earth, sophisticated, or flashy as their wearers. Today’s man knows who he is and cares about how he feels just as much as how he looks.

How and When to Wear Men’s Fashion Bracelets

Appearances will always matter. That all-important first impression is never going to go out of style, but a sophisticated man knows men’s fashion bracelets can’t give a man what he doesn’t already have. Men’s fashion bracelets can enhance and emphasize your appearance and reflect your mood. They can also reflect your take on the occasion: Mom and Dad’s 50th-anniversary gala, a coffee date with someone that might be “The One,” or a business meeting where your arm is going to dominate a whiteboard.

4 Rules for Wearing Men’s Fashion Bracelets

Let’s examine that whiteboard-focus business meeting. At best, a jangly, flashy bracelet might be distracting during an important presentation. At worst, it could send your clients to another company. Here are 4 rules for men’s fashion bracelets:

  1. One no-bracelet-wrist and one bracelet-wrist is the way to go. Matching bracelets on both wrists is a men’s fashion disaster. It’s just wrong.
  2. Stack thin cord bracelets on the same wrist and use as many as you like. Don’t try this with thick metal bracelets.
  3. Think of bracelets as wristwatches. Wear them against the skin, under any sleeves that can cover them up well.
  4. You can wear a wristwatch with thin cord bracelets, but not a thick, metal bracelet. Don’t mix more than one big metal band on the same wrist.

“Like any set of rules in fashion, there are exceptions,” says Antonio Centeno, style professional, and former U.S. Marines officer. “There are going to be guys who make the occasional exception look great. But for the most part, stick to the guidelines, especially when you’re just starting out.”

Custom Men’s Fashion Bracelets in Palm Harbor, Florida

You don’t have to travel to Italy to find beautiful men’s fashion bracelets. In fact, you can have a bracelet designed and customized for you right here in Florida. Within our men’s jewelry and custom jewelry collection, bullet rings and bracelets lead the way. Bullets are tied at first place with – you guessed it – fishing-themed jewelry. At Les Olson Jewelers, we say our jewelry designers are “artists at play.” This means we have no boundaries when it comes to blending creativity with precious metals and gemstones. We can use old and new jewelry pieces to design one-of-a-kind, wearable art for you and it’s our idea of fun!

Call 727.785.9624 or visit our jewelry store in Palm Harbor today to learn more about men’s fashion bracelets.

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